By Jo Falcon, JJ Jones, and Doris Muramatsu

Doris: Hi girls, what do you think of my new
Friend 1: He seems nice but he could really use
a shower.
Friend 2: Yeah, and maybe a shave!
Doris: I know he’s unusual, but I think he’s dreamy!

He’s real big, and he’s kinda shy
Long brown hair – ooh, he’s my guy

He’s the Bigfoot

My friends say,
He’s not our kind – kind of aromatic

Well, I don’t mind – he’s the Bigfoot!

I took him to see my mom and dad
They fainted dead away

But when they see that he’s right for me
They’ll learn to love him like a son someday

Ooh, Sasquatch swept me right off my feet
I wanna be with him in his mountain retreat

’Cause he’s the Bigfoot

When we get married he’ll look so cute
All dressed up in a Brooks Brothers suit

He’s the Bigfoot (he’s my guy)

© 2013, all rights reserved
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